Page 4 - Nigel Ward and Co Catalogue 24th and 25th September 2021
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77   Folding workbench.                                    etc.
          78   Metal milk churn marked 'Williams Ystrad,       116   Little Tikes paddling pool/ sand pit.
                                                               117   Metal box, possibly ex ministry.
          79   Garden ornaments including concrete gnome,      118   Easyline 125 trailer.
               resin figures, solar powered Poppies etc.
                                                               119   Folding clothes airer.
          80   Three duck figures, two concrete and one metal.
                                                               120   Folding dog cage,21'' x 31'' x 24''.
          81   Four cast iron wheels, various sizes.
                                                               121   Plastic pet carrier, spark guard and kitchen stool.
          82   Graduated set of glazed garden planters.
                                                               122   Garden hammock.
          83   Quantity of baking trays, steamer set, cast iron
               griddle etc.                                    123   Home made garden stove/heater.
          84   Stanley tool box and contents of pipe clamps,   124   Coil of used galvanized fencing.
               mostly 2'' .                                    125   Coil of used pig netting.
          85   Plastic pet bed, garden sprayer, hand tools etc.  126  Folding Brabantia four arm clothes line and sieve.
          86   Concrete mini herb garden.                      127   Galvanized mop bucket and small tin bath.
          87   Mini herb garden in wooden planter.             128   Set of four wood and metal kitchen chairs.
          88   Graduated set of garden planters, largest a/f.  129   Two home made wooden planters, 35'' x 10'' x 8''
          89   Pair of concrete lion figures, 17'' tall.             high.
          90   Delonghi gas heater (no cylinder).              130   Home made two tier wooden planter, 34'' x 20'' x
                                                                     17'' high.
          91   Two wine racks, 24 bottle capacity each and
               another folding rack.                           131   Two home made wooden planters, 19'' x 17'' x 9''
          92   Flip top bin, Venetian blinds, saw etc.
                                                               132   Two home made wooden two tier planters, each
          93   Self drive Alko petrol mower with Briggs & Stratton   34'' x 10'' x 16'' high.
               XC35 engine, deck a/f.
                                                               133   Two home made garden planters, 35'' x 10'' x 8''
          94   Child's dolls pram.
          95   Pipe threader and sliding door tracking
                                                               134   Two home made wooden planters 20'' x 17'' x 9''
          96   Powerline Extreme vehicle leisure battery.            high.
          97   Bathroom scales, extending shower curtain rod   135   Hydraulic log splitter.
               and skate board.
                                                               136   Plastic wheel barrow on pneumatic tyre.
          98   Two cast iron skillets.
                                                               137   Pull along garden trolley on pneumatic tyres.
          99   Three mole traps.
                                                               138   Petrol engine sheep shearing machine.
         100   Quantity of bird boxes and bird feeders.
                                                               139   Step on toolbox and a plastic stepper.
         101   Swivel computer chair.
                                                               140   Porta Potti.
         102   Quantity of fishing gear, cane rod, bite detector,   141  Hozelock water pipe on reel and two others.
               stool and ,leather cartridge belt, tail gaff etc.
                                                               142   Two x 5 litre bottles of De-ionized water
         103   Quantity of walking sticks, stepper, bill hook etc.
                                                               143   Chicken house.
         104   Quantity of golf balls etc.
                                                               144   Quantity of unused wall and floor tiles.
         105   Pet gear dog ramp.
                                                               145   Record 7'' vice with quick release.
         106   Four watering cans and a garden kneeler.
                                                               146   Quantity of unused double glazing panels and one
         107   Saucepans, steaming set, kitchen ware etc
                                                                     used panel.
         108   Pair of concrete urn style garden planters, 19'' high   147  Heavy duty hydraulic jack,(no handle) and an oil
               x 14'' diameter.
         109   Pair of concrete planters, 20'' square, 16'' high, on   148  Three garden sprayers.
               square bases, (one chipped to corner).
                                                               149   Two galvanized trays, empty toolbox and three
         110   Three parasol bases including water filled and        bulkhead lights
               concrete and one other concrete base.
                                                               150   Garden hose on reel.
         111   Bin of garden shears, saws, hand tools etc.
                                                               151   Three bags of coal.
         112   Heavy pierced metal parasol base.
                                                               152   Large hamster cage, 30'' x 19'' x 16'' high.
         113   Child's Spiderman bike with stabilisers.
                                                               153   Wind out canvas garden parasol (chip to base)
         114   Wine rack, 72 bottle capacity.
                                                               154   Two decorative pottery planters.
         115   Nylon wind break, beach toys, spades, crab lines
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