Page 10 - Nigel Ward and Co Catalogue 24th and 25th September 2021
P. 10

528   Tiled back, marble topped washstand.                  holdalls, supports, pegs etc.
         529   1950's style two door gent's wardrobe.          567   Set of collectors specimen drawers, 15'' x 23'' x 5
         530   Roll of vegetable netting.
                                                               568   Stick back bedroom chair.
         531   Painted pine box and a hurricane lamp.
                                                               569   Four ceiling light fittings, plastic pots and two
         532   Personal home file/storage box with keys.
                                                                     Tiffany style lamp shades.
         533   Floor standing fan.
                                                               570   Small quantity of drinking glasses, Indian Tree part
         534   2 x Christmas tree stands.                            teaset etc.
         535   Hollow tree stump sculpture.                    571   Box of glass cooking dishes, hand mixer and case
         536   Three sweet jars, kitchen scales and a few            of stationery.
               weights.                                        572   Two wallpaper steamers.
         537   Quantity of jam jars filled with nails and fixings etc.  573  Miele vacuum, desk lamp, set of kitchen scales
                                                                     and weights.
         538   Nutool drill and desktop work light
         539   Plastic box of wood working planes and chisels.  574  Quantity of hand tools, drill bits, planes etc plus a
                                                                     quantity of brass light switches etc.
         540   Quantity of knee pads, spanners, chisels,
               hammers etc.                                    575   Quantity of builders trowels etc
         541   Quantity of saucepans, cookware etc             576   Quantity of vintage tractor magazines.
         542   Royal Hexadome 2 tent, (no poles).              577   Two boxes of glass ceiling lights, drinking
                                                                     glasses, crockery, etc.,
         543   Part pack of laminate flooring.
                                                               578   Box of hand tools, battery drill, extension lead,
         544   Box of plastic jugs, paint brushes, bird feeder etc.  mole grips etc.
         545   Seven boxes of ceramic wall tiles in taupe colour,   579  Bosch PKS46 circular saw.
               1.75 metres coverage approx.
                                                               580   Stanley 4b 1/2'' smoothing plane, angle ratchet,
         546   Roll of silver coloured plastic film.                 screw drivers, drill bits, etc.,
         547   Small wooden occasional table.                  581   Large quantity of saddle rugs, sheepskin, horse
         548   Electrical switch gear electrical cabinet 11 1/2''    girths and a fly hood.
               square x 7 1/2''.                               582   Quantity of riding boots, long and short.
         549   Wooden box with detachable lid and a piece of   583   Three horse rugs.
                                                               584   Two panes of leaded glass and components.
         550   Wiper blades, kitchen clock, air filter etc.
                                                               585   Two briefcases.
         551   Six large cushions 23'' x 25'' x 4''.
                                                               586   Picnic basket and contents of games, puzzles,
         552   Small coffee table with drawer 28'' square x 17''.    Nerf guns and bullets.
         553   Quantity of cutlery and tray, kitchen towels etc.  587  Table lamps, Kilner jars, mini Le Creuset pot and
         554   Small toolbox and contents including plumbing         lid.
               components etc.                                 588   Box of part dinner services, spill vases, glass
         555   Large box of wooden clothes hangers.                  dishes etc.
         556   Quantity of wall mounted kitchen tidy/utensil   589   Four boxes of drinking glasses, corkscrews,
               racks, 34 in all.                                     mugs, jugs etc.
         557   Quantity of door hinges, brackets etc.          590   Four boxes of kitchenware, part dinner service,
                                                                     anniversary cups etc,
         558   Box of books.
                                                               591   Four boxes of vases, cuddly toys, baking tins etc.
         559   Four modern faux leather dining chairs on chrome
               bases                                           592   Four boxes including hairdryer, electric blanket,
                                                                     teapots, glassware etc.
         560   Three boxes of kitchen storage pots, tins, bean
               slicer, grater etc.                             593   Two boxes of vases, various drinking glasses etc.
         561   Box of kitchen storage jars and wooden utensils  594  T.G. Green mixing bowl, meat plates etc.
         562   Steel blender, kitchen clock and a Fajita heater.  595  Pair of waterproof waders, books on lacecraft etc.,
                                                                     L brackets and upholstery material
         563   Wooden kitchen chair.
                                                               596   Box of rechargeable torches, magnifying glasses,
         564   Small swing mirror, cased volt meter, metal deed      nail clippers etc.
                                                               597   Bottle of Beaujolais nouveau '85', talking parrot,
         565   Two boxes of books including Yoga made Easy,          puzzles, trays etc.
               cook books etc.
                                                               598   Box of garden trowels, windscreen covers etc.
         566   Two boxes of miscellanea including knitting bags,

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