Page 14 - Nigel Ward and Co Catalogue 3rd and 4th December 2021
P. 14

695   A large Bakelite Radio and a tuning device with   732  A set of weighing scales, cutlery set, brass ware,
               Perspex  back.                                        etc.
         696   Quantity of insulators, Bakelite stand etc.     733   A quantity of wooden boxes and a folding bed tray.
         697   Quantity of coils, cables etc.                  734   A PC monitor, turntable, printer, etc.
         698   A small suitcase and 78's and 45's records.     735   Two large 'Samsonite' travel suitcases.
         699   Quantity of boxed HMV 78 records including Glen   736  A pair of metal speaker stands.
               Miller etc.
                                                               737   A box of various vases, lamp, etc.
         700   A box of pewter plates, copper ware, brass lamp   738  A travel play pen and cover.
               and Wimshurst discs.
                                                               739   A quantity of Pyrex dinner china in floral design.
         701   Quantity of brass fire irons.
                                                               740   Two boxes of china.
         702   A boxed fibre optic Christmas tree.
                                                               741   A large wooden hardwood box.
         703   A Bakelite Radio case and a wooden valve radio.
                                                               742   Two boxes of photograph cylinders.
         704   A Sony Radio and an Eveready Radio.
                                                               743   A blue & white meat plates, part tea sets, etc.
         705   A large wooden cased valve Radio plus another for
               restoration.                                    743A  Quantity of money boxes, table lamps, Scottie
                                                                     dog biscuit barrel etc
         706   Two military style Radio Receivers.
                                                               744   Two boxes of various ornaments, lead crystal
         707   Six various swing-top glass bottles.                  decanter, etc.
         708   A manakin head and hairdryer.
                                                               745   A pottery mask, biscuit barrel, plated ware, etc.
         709   A tin flask, lamp parts, clock parts etc.
                                                               746   A glazed display case.
         710   Quantity of kitchenware paper mache elephant    747   A GEC vault gauge and 2 amp gauges.
               bowl, food processor etc.
                                                               748   Two boxes of various drinking glasses, crockery,
         711   A china dressing table set, various cups/saucers,     etc.
               cutlery, etc.
                                                               749   Quantity of prints
         712   An 'Ibico 1232' electric adding machine.
                                                               750   A shoe shine box, linen, wooden sign, postcard
         713   Two vegetable tureens, spill holders, etc.
                                                                     album etc.
         714   A quantity of stoneware jars and jugs.
                                                               781   A reproduction corner unit with glazed top and
         715   A pair of speakers, electrical tester and a brass     shelves and key, 20" high x 18" deep.
                                                               782   Pine kitchen dresser, 52" wide x 74" tall x 17 1/2"
         716   Three boxes of various tap and dye sets.              deep.
         717   A foot spa and a camping washer.                783   A selection of 1000 piece jigsaws complete
         718   An Epson scanner DX8400 and a quantity of       784   A pair of seagrass seated kitchen chairs.
               football pumps.
                                                               785   A French pine Armoire with lower drawer a/f. 71" x
         719   A quantity of woollen blankets, curtains, etc.        39" wide x 20" deep.
         720   Three satin ribbon edged pure new wool blankets.  786  Greenlands of Hereford darkwood wardrobe, 75"
                                                                     high x 48" x 23 1/2" deep.
         721   Cushions and covers, etc.
                                                               787   A pine dressing table with swing mirror, 56" high x
         722   Two All Star basketballs and a holdall.
                                                                     39" wide x 18" deep.
         723   A quantity of chef's kitchen clothing to include;
               aprons, tops, etc. Size M/XXL.                  788   Two Nintendo WII Fit step boards, games etc.
                                                               789   A pair of bedside chest of drawers a/f. 28" x 22" x
         724   Two stacking pine tables.
                                                                     18" .
         725   A metal tractor toolbox and two wooden wall
               brackets.                                       790   Two swing mirrors (no frame) and a modern
                                                                     advertising frame.
         726   Two boxes of various ornaments (some resin), etc.
                                                               791   Small bookshelves, 28 1/2" wide x 23" high x 6
         727   A quantity of Worcester Evesham ramekins, part        3/4" deep.
               tea sets, etc.
                                                               792   Quantity of WWF wrestling figures, fighting ring
         728   A quantity of dressing table trays, slide boxes, etc.  etc.
         729   A quantity of picture slides, kindle plated trophies,   793  Three navy blazers, 'Isacco', size sm.
                                                               794   Two short fur jackets.
         730   A quantity of cooking pans, chopping boards,
               china, etc.                                     795   Two fur coats, one white, one dark brown.
                                                               796   A ladies double breasted short coat, burgundy
         731   A boxed set of timber hole cutters.
                                                                     size 16.
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