Page 12 - Nigel Ward and Co Catalogue 3rd and 4th December 2021
P. 12

bracket, fishing floats, glasses, etc.                picture frames, etc.
         544   A boxed Cluedo board game and an Atmosfear      581   A box of electrical bulbs.
               DVD board game.
                                                               582   Large lamp shades, etc.
         545   Two glass vases and a graduated set of jardinieres   583  A box of board games.
               with saucers.
                                                               584   A box of Christmas decorations.
         546   A box of games, wooden train, building blocks, etc.
                                                               585   Two boxes of children's toys, etc.
         547   A box of various china figures, vases, etc.
                                                               586   A bead work wall hanging.
         548   Five boxes of miscellaneous china, cutlery, table
               lamp, etc.                                      587   A refectory table. 95" long.
         549   Two amplifiers.                                 588   Miscellaneous rubber moulds to include; duck,
                                                                     fish, pigeon, etc.
         550   A Bravilor coffee maker, glasses, etc.
                                                               589   Three boxes of electrical insulators, etc.
         551   Two trays of transformer radio spares, stationary,
               etc.                                            590   A box of miscellaneous china, Christmas
                                                                     decorations, etc.
         552   A bag of woollen blankets.
                                                               591   A quantity of gramophone horns, etc.
         553   Two boxes of books to include; Poldark, puzzles,
               etc.                                            592   Two boxes of plaster fish and a quantity of
                                                                     simulated fishing boxes.
         554   A brass frog sundial, pewter plate, frames, etc.
                                                               593   A small gas heater.
         555   Five Exploring the Moon posters, Monopoly game,
               etc.                                            594   A small tin trunk with key, Bakelite cases, etc.
         556   A quantity of tins, modern Star Wars figures, etc.  595  A marsh stencil machine.
         557   A box of collectible dolls.                     596   A chrome lamp stand.
         558   A box of collectible dolls and brass scales.    597   A large quantity of various radio operator head
                                                                     sets, etc.
         559   A box of glasses.
                                                               598   A bathroom wall mirror, tennis racket & press, etc.
         560   A box of glassware.
                                                               599   A large aluminium box of fishing floats, Devon
         561   A travel case.
                                                                     minnow blanks.
         562   Miscellaneous wooden boxes.
                                                               600   A box of bottles, marmalade pot, etc.
         563   A quantity of miscellaneous cheese knives,      601   A box of various bottles and jars etc.
               cottage biscuit barrel, etc.
                                                               602   A fish kettle, stove fan, stone jars etc.
         564   Miscellaneous glasses, stoneware Gin bottles, etc.
                                                               603   A quantity of blue china vases, bowls etc.
         565   A small wicker basket, Denby casserole dish, etc.
                                                               604   A quantity of wooden plinths, brass plaques, tins,
         566   A Bakelite radio case, hip flasks, etc.
                                                                     milk carrier etc.
         567   Three various amp meters.
                                                               605   A case containing leather straps, tin box and radio
         568   A box of various clocks.                              Bakelite case.
         569   A large Tilley lamp.                            606   A Draper multi-tool with accessories.
         570   A child's toy garage, etc.                      607   VHS player, wicker basket, boxwood ruler etc.
         571   A Bakelite radio for repair, a timetable and PC   608  A chrome lamp base.
               battery pack.
                                                               609   A boxed garden incinerator.
         572   A quantity of soft toys.
                                                               610   A box of various Scientific glasses etc.
         573   Two boxes of wooden plinths, artists brushes,   611   A Volt meter, Variac, Morse code tapper and
               lamps, etc.
                                                                     various radio/communication spares.
         574   A crate of various radio components, electrical   612  Miscellaneous clocks for repair.
               cleats, etc.
                                                               613   A quantity of various cookery books etc.
         575   Two boxes of radio and TV valves, etc.
                                                               614   A box of EPNS trophies.
         576   Two coils.
                                                               615   A quantity of rubber moulds, hole saws etc.
         576A  Travel case, school satchel, curtains etc.
                                                               616   An Amstrad PCW9152 computer.
         577   A box of metalware including; radio spares,
               shackles, ammunition box, etc.                  617   A pair of dairy scales and a collection of weights.
         578   A quantity of vintage tractor magazines.        618   A spot light, oil cans, chain etc.
         579   A foot spa and mini steamer.                    619   Grease guns, T hinges, fixings etc.
         580   A Winnie the Pooh Christmas bear, mini iron,    620   A glazed top display cabinet.

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