Page 13 - Nigel Ward and Co Catalogue 3rd and 4th December 2021
P. 13

621   A pair of teak folding deck chairs.             656   A Jonsered HT 21 hedge cutter.
         622   Two boxes of various china, Cockapoo metal sign   657  A petrol hedge cutter.
                                                               658   3 x boxes of tools, lamps, fixings etc.
         623   A quantity of solar candle effect lanterns.
                                                               659   Quantity of nuts, bolts, spray gun, trolley wheels
         624   A large box of Auction House catalogues and a         etc.
               quantity of radio & TV sewing books.
                                                               660   Quantity of fixings, metalware, spray gun, builders
         625   A Tumble block game, steam iron and TV aerial.        level etc.
         626   Brass cannons, tin plate plane, porcelain Isolator   661  Tub of various nuts and bolts, rivets, screws etc.
                                                               662   A military style trunk, siren, theatre spotlight etc.
         627   A quantity of various fixings, a part clock golf   663  Two boxes of miscellanea including old BSA pellet
               (numbers missing), keys, glass plates, candles        gun, fishing reel, old cork gun, amp meters etc.
                                                               664   A Ferguson Radio.
         628   3 x sash clamps.
                                                               665   A wig stand, wicker basket, gas regulator, Treen
         629   A small box of craft items:  eyes, buttons, beads     etc.
                                                               666   7 x boxed valves for radio/TV.
         630   Quantity of fishing rod eyelets, lures etc.
                                                               667   A hinged topped display cabinet.
         631   Quantity of brass nuts and bolts, heat shrink
               tubing, barometer parts etc.                    668   Two Stanley Fatmax boxes with sockets and
                                                                     plumbing items.
         632   Quantity of brass spheres, radio valves, coils etc.
                                                               669   A Radio, wooden box and Bakelite circuit box.
         633   Quantity of brass strip etc.
                                                               670   A copper effect WWI frame, various pictures etc.
         634   Box of various brass scrap etc.
                                                               671   Box of wooden curtain rings, furniture brass ware,
         635   A three branch pricket stand.
                                                                     kitchen cupboard hinges etc.
         636   A meat safe.
                                                               672   A tub of Radio spares, motors, ammeters etc.
         637   Miscellaneous tools including saws, axe, loppers,   673  Quantity of dinner knives and cased side knives.
               winch, bolt croppers etc.
                                                               674   Scuba diving equipment in a trunk.
         638   A bench guillotine.
                                                               675   A Focal Point electric fire.
         639   2" rotating engineering bench vice.
                                                               676   A small TV and wheel-wheel tape deck a/f.
         640   Box of unopened cupboard handles, galvanised
               bolts, T hinges etc.                            677   A battery drill - multi tool.
         641   Quantity of various fixing, 2" staples, screws,   678  A Clark 6" bench grinder.
               coach bolts etc.                                679   Box of wooden plinths, plated ware, picture
         642   Quantity of brass oil lamps etc.                      frames, antlers, etc.
         643   4 x boxes of various screws, nuts and bolts and   680  An Atlas electric jigsaw.
               Toggle gun.                                     681   A Wickes bench grinder.
         644   3 x boxes of various drill bits, plus electrical   682  Salters 55 platform scales.
                                                               683   A box of clocks, speakers and a brass BBC foot
         645   A tub of various nuts, bolts, fixings, screws, coper   candle light meter.
               pins etc.
                                                               684   A box of motorcycle gloves, plastic bag sealer etc.
         646   Box of various fixings, tec screws, rivets, joiner
               biscuits etc.                                   685   Two Radios, speaker etc.
         647   A 'Limit' 16" desk fan.                         686   A scientific instrument by Griffin & George Ltd.
         648   A theatre spotlight.                            687   A radio wooden framed speaker and aerial.
         649   Quantity of hand tools, fixings, hole saw set etc.  688  A Para flashlight, scientific equipment and a fan.
         650   A battery drill and charger.                    689   Quantity of Morse code taps, radio spares,
                                                                     electrical sleeving etc.
         651   Honda generator.
                                                               690   Two orthopedic back supports.
         652   A mower and drill sharpener.
                                                               691   A small tea chest, hand tools etc.
         653   8 x cartons of nuts, bolts, brass chain, drill bits
               etc.                                            692   Two Henry cleaners, no hose attachments, a/f..
         654   Quantity of various nuts, bolts, grease gun,    693   Box of miscellaneous fixings, knobs, brass
               gauges etc.                                           bicycle chain lock etc.
         655   Quantity of various files etc.                  694   A small Bakelite Radio and wooden valve radio.

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