Page 11 - Nigel Ward and Co Catalogue 3rd and 4th December 2021
P. 11

469   A Dewalt battery drill with charger.                  9 Arod boots.
         470   A battery circular Saw with charger.            508   A box of books and box of L.P's, Abba, Jim
                                                                     Reeves, etc.
         471   Three boxes of radio spares including bulbs,
               valves, etc.                                    509   Two blow up inflatables and two air beds.
         472   A quantity of radio valves, etc.                510   A child's Lost World sleeping bag and another.
         473   A quantity of various radio valves, etc.        510A  A car dog guard, modern tripod style lamp and
                                                                     floppy disc case.
         474   Four tubs of various radio valves, X ray tubes, etc.
                                                               511   A folding wooden display stand, folding camp bed
         475   Three boxes of books including William Morris,
               Engravings, etc. and quantity of Norman Wisdom        and picnic chair.
               DVD's  **                                       512   Three small Antler suitcases, holdall, handbags
                                                                     and umbrella.
         476   Two boxes of various drinking glasses, ornaments,
               etc.                                            513   An office 3 drawer cabinet.
         477   A tub of various radio valves.                  514   A pick axe - possible ex Tredegar mining.
         478   A glass petrol Pump head, badly damaged         515   A metal circular wall plaque. 29" diameter.
         479   Two suitcases                                   516   Two wooden bed frames complete with irons.
         480   Two folding display stands (only one shown)     517   A quantity of wooden pulley blocks, etc.
         481   Two pierced bentwood bar backed chairs/stools   518   A 2 tier glass/brass occasional table.
         482   A Corona cased typewriter and a quantity of     519   Three candle lanterns.
               miniature bottles
                                                               520   A pair of size 5 ladies wellies.
         483   Three speakers
                                                               521   A copper fire curb and a brass picture light.
         484   A Brother typewriter and quantity of side plates   522  A part set of golf clubs in a 'Donnay' golf bag.
               and dishes.
                                                               523   A pine cupboard. 36" w x 18" d x 66" h.
         485   Squash racquets, tennis racquet, table lamp, etc.
                                                               524   Two graduated sets of 3 suitcases.
         486   A wicker basket, leather cleaning kit, two tapestry
               cushions and throw.                             525   A dressing table with 6 drawers.

         487   A quantity of display board clip-on spot lights, etc.  526  Two boxes of balls, spheres and various brass
                                                                     door knobs.
         488   A quantity of DVD's
                                                               527   A four drawer, four shelved display unit.
         489   A picture on board of harbour scene and glazed
               pine picture frame.                             528   Two boxes of CD's  to include Roy Orbison and
                                                                     Louie Armstrong.
         490   A mirrored bathroom cabinet and two boxes of
               books.                                          529   A quantity of various scissors, thread and circular
                                                                     bell press.
         491   A large quantity of CD's, DVD's and videos.
                                                               529A  Hall coat stand with shoe rack to base, 67 3/4'' h x
         492   A box of mixed glasses
                                                                     31 1/4'' w.
         493   Two porcelain faced Clowns, 23'' high.
                                                               530   A slim writing desk with 3 shelves.
         494   Two boxes of VHS videos.
                                                               531   A book on model trains, curtain rings, stoneware
         495   A lap tray, sleeping bag, light box and soft toys.    hot water bottle.
         496   A portable puzzle board and large paper guillotine.  532  A quantity of G clamps and corner clamps plus a
                                                                     mini hand drill and bits.
         497   A floor standing work light.
         498   A quantity of table lamps, fan heater and hand   533  Four pine kitchen stools.
               paper shredder.                                 534   A sideboard with cutlery drawer. 54" x 18" x 33".
         499   Two boxes of onyx and marble clock parts, etc.  535   Two tennis rackets, wooden press and bevel
                                                                     plated mirror.
         500   A VHS Toshiba video player with Sony remote
                                                               536   A child's single wardrobe. 30" w x 64" h x 17" d.
         501   Two part wicker/cane picnic baskets.
         502   A large quantity of camping gear.               537   A quantity of shelving and BBQ tools.
                                                               538   Two wooden planks/belly surf boards. 4' long.
         503   A rolling pin, wooden slicing machine, goblet and
               mincer.                                         539   A kitchen chair.
         504   A wooden clock face wall hanging.               540   A large dressing mirror.
         505   A box of figures, sundae glasses, etc.          541   A pine effect adjustable shelf unit.
         506   An electric yoghurt maker.                      542   A stained pine 15 pane internal door.
         507   A pair of size 9 safety Doc Martin shoes and size   543  Four boxes of stainless steel cookware, a winch

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